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The role of information technologies in the development of the social sphere and the economy

The role of information technologies in the development of the social sphere and the economy

On November 25, 2017 at the initiative of the Science and Innovations Department, as well as the Practical Informatics in Economics Department, a scientific and practical conference on theme «Information and Communication Technologies in the Social Sphere and the Economy» was held in FEIT.
The vice-rector for science in FEIT, Firuz Kodirov, opened the work of the conference and noted the role of information and communication technologies in the development of the social sphere and economy. Taking into account the importance of information technologies in the life of society, the Government of Tajikistan has approved the Concept of the formation of electronic government. The purpose of adopting this Concept is to increase the efficiency of the activity of executive agencies of state power and administration through the extensive use of ICT. 

The Head of the Information Technology Department of the ASIN under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Dilshod Naskov, made a presentation on theme «Information Technologies in the Pension System and in the Sphere of Social State Insurance». The speaker noted the importance of applying information and communication technologies in these spheres of public life. In modern conditions, it is impossible to update and restructure all types of activities without effective use of information and communication technologies, including making informed decisions on assessing the financial status of the pension system. Naskov D. noted that information technologies play a decisive role in establishing a connection between the social insurance authorities and the population.
Iqtis4001.jpgThen, the participants of the conference listened to the substantive reports of Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor M. Koshonova on the theme «The Regional Analysis of Remittances of Labor Migrants Using Information Technologies» and Professor F. Mirzoahmedov on theme «The Role of Information Technologies and Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sphere and the Economy». The authors of the reports noted that information technology and economic are two interrelated areas, which together give a positive economic effect and a positive production result. The modern information technologies in the economy are used for the purpose of efficient and operative computer processing of information resources. Also, information technologies help to make economically important decisions and take a direct part in the process of effective activity management.
The work of the conference was held in two sections – «Information Technologies in the Spheres» and «Mathematical and Informational Modeling». More than 40 scientific reports were heard, which addressed the problems of using information technologies in the organization of the educational process, the problems of econometric modeling in the economy, the problems of econometric analysis of state incomes and its forecasts, etc.
In the final part of the conference it was proposed to organize a student scientific circle of modeling at the Finance and Economics Institute of Tajikistan and to entrust its leadership to Professor Mirzoahmedov F.

Mashkhura Abdulloeva