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International Сooperation

International Сooperation of FEIT


The cooperation of Finance and Economics Institute of Tajikistan with native and foreign universities, as well as international organizations is mainly towards the preparation and signing of bilateral agreements and their implementation, exchange of teachers, students, methodical and educational literature, the implementation of international education and research projects, conducting joint conferences, seminars, meetings with representatives of foreign universities and international organizations. The Department of International Relations also organizes training courses of foreign language, visas for foreign teachers and students, the improvement of the relevant pages of the website of the institute. Nowadays, the Institute has signed bilateral agreements with 26 educational institutions of the European Union, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The Department is working constantly to strengthen cooperation with foreign partners.

The Institute implemented four grant projects, in which plan to acquisition a large amount of technical equipment and specialized literature. Through these projects, a number of staff of the institute was sent to retraining and skills development in the country and foreign countries, including 13 people - in Kyrgyzstan, 6 people - in Spain, 7 people - in Georgia.