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Emomali Rahmon – the Leader of the Nation

The great Tajik people have an ancient history. In the course of the centuries the people could overcome a lot of obstacles and at the same time lost a lot of valuable things. After the collapse of Somonid’s state and in the period of Soviet Union, the Tajik people could get limited freedom, but full and real freedom was gained after the collapse of the Soviet State on September 9, 1991. All the people are aware that in the early years of the independence the country was involved in civil war by foreign interference. The loss of the nation and the country’s collapse was too close.
In such a difficult and responsive period when many politics decided to leave and save, their lives out of the country the acute need for an individual like our President Emomali Rahmon, who could really bring peace, protect the country and the people and save the country from collapse, was felt.
The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon still in the 16thsessionon November 19, 1992 courageously addressed the people of Tajikistan and promised the development and prosperity of the country, in particular, he said, "I swear to use all my experience and knowledge for restoration of peace and prosperity of my motherland and will strive for it. In order to achieve this goal I am ready to sacrifice my life."
The years of Independence have shown the loyalty and correctness of our President Emomali Rahmon who has become highly regarded and favorite President of each Tajik in the world and became the leader of the whole nation who has really translated his promises into practice.
His works and ambitions cannot be unnoticed in the prosperity of the country beginning from the return of the refugees from Afghanistan to their homeland, reconstruction of the factories, homes, and villages, ruined in the period of the civil war in the country.
Now our country has really changed and began to prosper. A lot of works has already been done as building roads, developments in the sphere of agriculture, construction of cultural facilities, modern high-rise buildings, schools, home for elderly and orphans, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, mills and factories and many other innovations, and this process is still going on. Thousand miles of roads and tunnels have been built, hydroelectric power stations in Tajikistan, which play an important role in the economy of the country brought into operation.
The main and great achievement of Emomali Rahmon as the President of Tajikistan, without doubt, is the establishment of peace and national unity, the agreement of which was signed on June 27, 1997. National reconciliation of Tajik people became a model for many states in the modern globalized world and today it is studied by many countries throughout the world.
In the modern world there are a number of problems, resolution and discussion of them connected with the fortunes of the state and nation. This process is natural because in each step of development more important tasks appear which are considered priorities in the development of the society. Without debt every citizen who respects his homeland should try to contribute to the resolution of these problems. In spite of this the history has already showed the impossibility to achieve the mentioned objectives, and make contribution to the countries prosperity without wise and reasonable leader.
It should be stressed that peace and national unity which was brought by the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon to Tajik people opened the road to development, peace and unity made, it possible to solve such difficult tasks in the years of independence and achieve positive results. The resolution of these tasks seems impossible for many countries in the world, but we could succeed. The events of today’s world show the importance of peace and unity in the whole life of the country, the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world can serve as the bright evidence of the above mentioned idea.
Therefore, it is encouraging that in the last month of the year, the Parliament of the Republic of Tajikistan has taken a very significant step to adopt the very timely Law "On the founder of peace and national unity – Leader of the Nation." This is exactly the missing link that guarantees the protection our society from all sorts of intrigues and provocations, political subversion in the future. Political stability and predictability is consistency and persistence, as we know, is an essential feature of business ethics, guarantees execution of signed commitments, incentives to attract domestic and foreign investments into the national economy. All investors want guarantees, so the uncertainty in political terms, discourage potential investors. At the same time, the political longevity, coupled with a clearly laid down long-term development strategies can become the engine of economic progress in the country.

Tuygunov N.Kh.

Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of

Finance and Economic Institute of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 07.03.2016